India Mumbai - Poetry Competition

I saw people die every day,
In pools of dirt and blood.
I saw my friends fall,
To the mercy of bullets and bayonets.
I heard the screams of innocent men,
Laying down their lives in vain.
I heard the sounds of booming guns,
Causing immense amounts of pain.
I felt the struggle of those around me,
Desperate for some care.
I felt the earth quiver,
From the impact of bombs and shells.
I smelled the stench of blood,
And rats and dirt and oil.
I smelled the rotting bodies of heroes,
Which makes my blood boil.
I tasted the pouring rain,
And the tears that were wept.
I tasted the blood from my forehead,
Which trickles onto my lips.
But that wasn’t a time to cower.
That wasn’t a time to fear
That was the time to take revenge,
For my brothers who died in fear.
I scrambled out of the trench,
With my rifle in my hand.
I was quivering with fear and rage,
And emotions I couldn’t understand.
I ran through no man's land,
And saw men running towards me.
I fired my gun and saw them fall.
It was my moment of glory.
I felt a sharp pain in my arm,X
And fell down with a thud.
I lay there surrounded by men,
In a pool of dirt and blood.
One man walked over,
To take me as an internee.
With one last breath, I pulled the trigger,
And I was finally free.

Vivardhan Goenka
The War Hero

He’s the man who sleeps on the sidewalk
Mother says he is a hero
But to me, he’s a broken shell
The boys from school make fun of him
They call him a dirty beggar
He’s the man who sleeps on the sidewalk
My father was his brother
So were all the other men who died
But to me he’s a broken shell
Mother told me he’s a great man, a hero
Who ever heard of a hero lying in the dirt?
He’s the man who sleeps on the sidewalk
He whispers to fallen comrades
The war hero isn’t alone in his surrender to fate
Mother still hears his forgotten laughter in mine
But to me, he’s a broken shell.

Mokshali Raman


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