Member Organisations

Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen’s Association
The Returned and Services League of Australia Limited
British Legion - Bahamas Branch
Bangladesh Armed Services Board
Barbados Legion of RCEL
Belize Ex-Services League
Bermuda Legion
Botswana Veterans League
BE Burma
Fraternal Union of Cameroon Ex-Servicemen of the Crown
The Royal Canadian Legion
Cayman Islands Veterans Association
Cyprus Veterans Association World War II
Dominica Legion of RCEL
The Royal British Legion
Returned Soldiers & Ex-Servicemen's Association of Fiji
Gambia Legion
Veterans Administration of Ghana
Grenada Legion of RCEL 
Guyana Veterans Legion
The Royal British Legion (Hong Kong & China Branch)
Indian Ex-Services League, New Delhi
East India Charitable Trust, Kolkata 
Ex-Service Associations India, Chennai (Chennai, Bangalore & Deccan)
Ex-Service Association India, Mumbai
Jamaica Legion RCEL
Defence Forces Comrades Association (Kenya)
British Legion Kenya
Basotho Legion of BESL (Lesotho)
Commonwealth Ex-Services League of Malawi
Malaysian Ex-British Army Association
The Royal British Legion (Malta Branch)
The Mauritius Ex-Services Trust Fund
Montserrat Legion
MOTHS in Nambia
Royal New Zealand Returned & Services Association (inc)
Nigerian Legion
Commonwealth Ex-Services Trust, Pakistan
Pakistan Armed Services Board
St. Lucia Ex-Services League of RCEL
Royal St.Vincent Legion RCEL
The Royal British Legion Scotland
Seychelles Ex-Servicemen Fund
Sierra Leone Ex-Servicemen's Association
South African Legion of Military Veterans 
Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen's Association
Umsizi Ex-Servicemen's Welfare Assocation (Swaziland)
Tanzania Ex-Services Association
Trinidad &Tobago Legion
Turks & Caicos Ex-Servicemen's Legion
Uganda Ex-Servicemen's Association in RCEL
Ex-Servicemen's League of Zambia
The Legion Zimbabwe


RCEL - Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League - Registered Charity No. 1174874 - Haig House, 199 Borough High Street, London SE1 1AA, United Kingdom - Telephone +44 (0)20 3207 2413

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