How we will use your information when you give your data to HQ RCEL.
This statement explains why we ask for your personal information, how we store and use it and who we may share it with, and what your rights are.

Why we ask for your personal information.
We want you to play a full part as a Member of The RCEL.  We would like you to process data on our behalf in order to provide welfare support to beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries in accordance with our Objects.  We would also like to process your data in order to provide welfare support to beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries in accordance with our objectives.  In addition we may want to be able to contact you about our events.  By consenting to us holding your information we can administer any membership and welfare applications and issues.

Who is your data shared with.
The data collected will only be shared within HQ RCEL and appropriate relevant organisations for legitimate reasons.  Any data received concerning welfare cases will only be shared with organisations in a position to support RCEL such as other Military and appropriate Civilian Charities.  These UK based organisations are subject to GDPR. The RCEL may offer a number of events that you may wish to attend.  Some marketing may be used, inviting you to events and supplying you with information we believe you may be interested in.

How we store your information.
The information you consent to give us is stored on a database on a secure IM & T system owned by The Royal British Legion that is fully GDPR compliant.  This database can only be accessed by the RCEL Controller Welfare and Grants or other HQ RCEL staff given authority by Controller Welfare and Grants.  This will be a fully managed database and there are procedures and policies in place in order to keep your information protected from misuse in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Objects of The Royal Commonwealth Ex Services League (RCEL)
The League exists to serve all members and their beneficiaries of The RCEL. The Objects of The RCEL, set out in the Articles of Association are as follows: 

With a view to perpetuating the memory of gallant men and women who have suffered or died for the Commonwealth of Nations, the Objects of the Charity shall be by charitable means:

1.1. to seek to ensure that no man or woman resident overseas who has at some time served the Crown:
⦁    in the Armed Forces of any Commonwealth country or former Commonwealth country before that country achieved independence of the United Kingdom; or
⦁    during hostilities in the Merchant Navies of any such country; or
⦁    in the Red Cross or St John’s organisation while such organisation was serving with the Armed Forces of any such country,
should suffer undue hardship;
1.2. to seek to ensure the widows and widowers of such persons who qualify for support under 1.1 should not suffer undue hardship;
1.3. to assist United Kingdom service charities to provide welfare to qualifying personnel (including their widows or widowers) resident overseas who are in need and who at some time served in the Armed Forces or during hostilities in the Merchant Navy or the Red Cross or St John’s organisations while such organisations were serving with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom; and
1.4. to seek, where possible and within resources, to raise awareness of the subject of Remembrance of the service of the Armed and Auxiliary Forces of the Commonwealth and of their needs.

How long do we keep your information for.
Each year we will review your data.  We shall decide if there is a legitimate reason to retain it.  If not, we shall dispose of it in accordance with our Disposal Policy.  In most cases this will involve confidential shredding of hard copy material or deletion from IM & T systems.
As a Member of RCEL we will hold your data for legitimate reasons.  If you cease to be a Member we may hold your data for up to 6 years.  If you have consented for us to contact you about future events, then we will maintain your record until you tell us you would like us to delete it.

Your rights.
You have the right to see the information that we hold on you at any time by submitting a request for right of access to personal data (previously referred to as Subject Access Request (SAR)) in writing by contacting Controller Finance & Compliance as shown below.  You may also request to opt out of any of our services or have your details deleted from the database at any time, again by contacting Controller Finance & Compliance in writing and letting us know what your preferences are.

Controller Finance & Compliance
The Royal Commonwealth Ex Services League
Haig House
199 Borough High Street
London SE1 1AA
Or email:  [email protected]

Our Data Controller is The RCEL and you may contact them if you feel your rights have been breached. 
Secretary General
The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League
Haig House
199 Borough High Street
London SE1 1AA

When we receive your information, we only use it for the purposes that you have agreed and we will adhere to all aspects of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data-sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner at:  Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.  Phone:  08456 30 60 60 or Fax:  01625 524510


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