The Book Launch of UNDER ONE FLAG
Erica Myers-Davis, Author

The former Canadian High Commissioner, His Excellency James R Wright, for the United Kingdom hosted the book launch of Under One Flag at Canada House on 5th November 2009. Our past Grand President, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh KG KT was present. Under One Flag tells the stories of the unsung heroes and heroines of World War II from across the Commonwealth. With personal forewords from Prince Harry and Warrant Officer Johnson Beharry VC, the first serving recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1966.
This book is one of its kind to detail the massive commitment and impact made by people of colour during World War ll from former British Empire territories and Commonwealth countries it includes authentic photos, case studies and activities. The book is written for young people aimed largely at secondary school pupils to help develop research. Great Britain has a widely diverse ethnic population so children and adults alike can learn about the important part that their grandparents and others played in the defence of Great Britain, all as volunteers, in the War. By ordering a copy all the money will go towards the welfare of our needy veterans and widows.


Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

Whilst I am very proud to be the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1966, like everyone else profiled in this excellent book, Under One Flag, I was just doing my job.
Under One Flag shows the spirit and loyalty of indigenous and ethnic people of the Commonwealth who helped Great Britain win World War II. It charts the story of the Commonwealth contribution by highlighting individuals from across the globe. Not all of them are well-known or famous and I am delighted that they have been included.
I think this is one of the most important books on World War II for the classroom as it shows what an amazing contribution that people of colour have made. It also shows that frontline soldiers, of whatever colour, are accepted unreservedly by those with whom they serve. False values do not flourish amongst those fortunate enough to have experienced the close bond that servicemen and women of the British Armed Forces rely on every day. I hope you enjoy this fascinating book as much as I did.

UNDER ONE FLAG - Stories From The Book

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