Today, RCEL has 52 Member Organisations (in 46 Countries) listed below: 26 of these help in the distribution of welfare grants to veterans and widows.

Member Organisations (Founder Members)

The Returned and Services League of Australia Limited
Royal Canadian Legion
Royal New Zealand Returned & Services’ Association (Inc)
South African Legion
The Royal British Legion
The Royal British Legion Scotland (Legion Scotland)

Members Organisations

Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen Association
British Legion - Bahamas Branch
Bangladesh Armed Services Board
Barbados Legion of RCEL
Belize Ex-Services League
Bermuda Legion
Botswana Veterans League
Burma (Help For Forgotten Allies) (Myanmar)
Fraternal Union of Cameroon Ex-Servicemen of the Crown
Cayman Islands Veterans’ Association
Dominica Legion of RCEL
Umsizi (Eswatini) Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Association
Returned Soldiers and Ex-Servicemen’s Association of Fiji
RCEL (The Gambia Legion)
Veterans Association, Ghana
Forces Help Ghana
Grenada Legion of RCEL

Guyana Veterans Legion
Royal British Legion (Hong Kong and China Branch)
Indian Ex-Services League (New Delhi)
East India Charitable Trust (Kolkata)
Ex-Services Association India Chennai (Bangalore & Deccan)
Ex-Services Association India (Mumbai)
Jamaica Legion RCEL
Defence Forces Comrades Association (DEFOCA) Kenya
British Legion Kenya
Africa Pioneer Corps (Lesotho)
The Kings African Veterans Trust (Malawi)
Royal British Legion (Malta Branch)
Ex-Service Association of Mauritius
MOTHS in Namibia
Nigerian Legion
Commonwealth Ex-Services Trust, Pakistan
Pakistan Armed Services Board
St. Lucia Ex-Services Legion of RCEL
Royal St. Vincent Legion RCEL
Seychelles Ex-Servicemen Fund
Sierra Leone Ex-Servicemen’s Association
Sri Lanka Ex-Servicemen’s Association
Trinidad & Tobago Legion of RCEL
Tanzania Ex-Services Association
Turks & Caicos Ex-Servicemen’s Legion
Uganda Ex-Servicemen’s Association in RCEL
Ex-Servicemen’s League of Zambia
Zimbabwe A National Emergency (ZANE)
Zimbabwe Legion

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