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Persatuan Bekas Askar British Malaysia
Malaysia Ex-British Army Association
(Regn. No. 0793-09-SEL)


Date: 18th-19th April 2015 Participant: Che Onn; Isro and Jabar
Our mission to Perak was accomplished with success according to plan. We met all the RCEL grant recipients at their homes and were very happy to meet us. Entertained us to lunch with indigenous Perak dishes by an ROAC veteran Mokhtar Lukar when we made our first stop in Gopeng, 1100hrs. He made a request that PBAB to hold gathering function this year taking into consideration of our advanced age and living soon.

Our next stop in Sunkai, met Ramalah, ex-RA veteran widow. She was alone with a number of cats. We saw a group photograph taken in Belakang Mati (Sentosa) and I recognized CSM Wak Zainal who charged me 3 months after joining the boys service in 1957. I got 3 days CB for leaving barrack without a pass. A good reminder never attempt to cheat.

Third stop was Tronoh. Not an easy task to locate Jalaluddin Bin Idris, ex- RCT veteran's house. Not until Isro met a policeman to give direction. With all the hustles we still meet the time frame 1300hrs and there Sinar Harian reporters, all young ladies waiting for us, dirty old men veterans from KL. We hope with Sinar Harian's coverage of the event will further reinforce our awareness and public relationship programmes.

Fourth stop was Batu Gajah. Another tiresome task to locate Puan Sibe Binti Rashid's house, late veteran Sgt. Radi, RS, 19th Signals Regt. Changi. She was very happy to meet us. Served fried mee and kueh kuaci that good for old man like us to chew.

That's end of the day. We reached Ipoh town about 1700hrs. but Ipoh was not Ipoh used to be years ago and Jabar has to drive merry go round to locate the Hotel Excelsior. Another task.

Day Two
Next morning, the day's activity began with locating Puan Siti Aisah Ibranhim, widow of Sgt Ariffin, REME, in Mahjoi, close to Ipoh town and yet very far. Merry go round again, several stops were made for direction and finally reached the house at 1100hrs precisely as per route plan, as a matter of luck. Old lady with memory took the opportunity to show us some old photographs of her late husband in the army in Singapore. She is living with her daughter and I have to keep an eye on Isro.  Another mee goring and cakes were served before we bid cheerio to them.

Journey continued and reached Kuala Kangsar to meet Puan Shukarti Binti Shamsuri, window of late veteran Yazid Bin Dahaman, ex-boy RA and ABTS, REME, 18190571. The most difficult task is to locate the house. Earlier instruction from Kulop Ibrahim is when reaching the round about, go straight and at traffic light, redah. Instruction from orang layar buruk, he was a good gurkha driver. We have to make several stops to ask for direction. Her house is in an area of an abandoned housing project, without road name and without proper access road, only tracts. She was delighted, quite young and Isro took a little longer time to chit-chat?

It was passed 1400hrs when we had our lunch and after that we went to Masjid Sultan for johor prayer. Time already late, we decided not to proceed to Gerik (originally if time allows we wish to visit FELDA in Gerik for an investigation) and instead we head back home, though tired but
happy that all the RCEL recipients we met were very happy and that what PBAB's ultimate objective is.  Arrived home safely with Allah's blessing at 2015hrs.

Sinar Harian news paper cutting of Jalaluddijn Idris receiving the RCEL welfare grant.

Next we proceed to kampong Jambatan Iskandar enroute to Kuala Kangsar and easily met Kulop Ibrahim Bin Ngah Bahari, RCT and handed his RCEL cheque by the road side. Quite friendly but a little loyar buruk. He told us the British sent him to Sepanyol (Spain)?

Script written by Che Onn - Arrange by Patrick Kok

Bekas askar British terima bantuan

BATU GAJAH 20 April - "Saya gembira apabila ada pihak yang mengambil berat dan menghargai jasa kami."

Demikian luah bekas tentera British, Jalaluddin Idris, 82, apabila menerima bantuan kewangan sebanyak RM1,984 daripada Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League.

Bantuan tersebut disampaikan oleh Presiden Persatuan Bekas Askar British Malaysia, Che Onn
Neamat kepada Jalaluddin di kediamannya di Kampung Serkai Jadi, Tronoh di sini kelmarin.

Jalaluddin yang berkhidmat dengan pasukan tentera British sejak September 1955 hingga Mac
1971, terharu dengan bantuan yang diterima dan menyifatkannya sebagai penghargaan atas perkhidmatannya dalam pasukan tersebut.

"Sebelum ini, sebagai bekas askar British, saya rasa sedikit terpinggir kerana tiada pihak yang
mengambil berat. Bagaimanapun bantuan ini menyebabkan saya rasa jasa dulu seperti terbalas.

"Saya mengetahui mengenai Persatuan Bekas Askar British Malaysia melalui laporan akhbar dan
melaluinya saya mohon untuk mendapatkan bantuan. Setakat ini, sudah empat kali saya terima bantuan sama," katanya.

Sementara itu, Che Onn berkata, sejak penubuhan persatuan itu pada Mei 2009, seramai 816 veteran telah menerima bantuan hampir RM1.2 juta daripada Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League.

Katanya, sehingga April ini juga, seramai 30 veteran dan balu menerima bantuan sama membabitkan peruntukan sebanyak RM50,564.

"Tujuan penubuhan persatuan ini adalah untuk memberi bantuan kepada bekas askar yang pernah berkhidmat dalam pasukan tentera British termasuk balu mereka.

"Kita mahu memberi maklumat bahawa selain bantuan sara hidup daripada Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veteran, mereka juga boleh mendapatkan bantuan daripada Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League," katanya.

Menurutnya, kebanyakan be kas askar sudah berumur dan uzur malah ramai dalam kalangan mereka telah meninggal dunia.

"Kita mempunyai seramai 1,200 ahli yang berdaftar namun jumlah balu yang meningkat kepada 50
peratus, menunjukkan ramai bekas askar telah meninggal dunia," ujarnya.

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