Welfare Tours 2013

SINGAPORE 21-23 January 2013
Secretary General

The six veterans and one widow who are eligible and registered in Singapore are cared for by the DA’s assistant, Mr Mick Saunders who is dedicated and does an excellent job supporting our beneficiaries.  All the beneficiaries are assisted by a number of different military charities through our Agency work.

Mr Stephen Jeyaraj who joined the RAF in July 1957 and served with 389 Maintenance Unit 6/62.  He suffers with cancer and because he is a Malaysian citizen receives no support from the Singapore authorities.  He is assisted by the RAFBF. (photo 1)

Mr Amin Bin HjRueh served with the Royal Engineers from 1947 to 1950.  At 84 years of age he suffers with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and is totally reliant upon his daughters who pay for most of his needs.  The grant from the Royal Engineers Association goes towards the little extras to make him more comfortable in his twilight years. (photo 2)

The Secretary General with Mr Roy Mutiah (with walking stick) who was President of, and provided many years loyal service to the Ex-Services Association of Singapore.  Sadly, this was Roy’s last official meeting with RCEL; he passed away in January 2014.  Standing to Roy’s left is Mick Saunders who now supports our beneficiaries in Singapore. (photo 3)

CYPRUS 11-14 September 2013
Secretary General

The Cyprus Veterans Association World War ll (CVA) have their offices in Southern Nicosia and have a total of 132 veterans and widows registered; there are 42 located in the South and 90 in the North.  Each one of these registered veterans and widows received a grant in 2013.

Ibrahim Salih Bekir who is in remarkably good health for a 96 year old.  He served for 9 years in Cyprus, Libya and Greece where he was taken prisoner and served for 4 years in a POW camp.  He was awarded an MID and discharged as a Staff Sergeant. (photo 1)

Menelaos Kouzoupis who is 86 years old and served in the Cyprus Regiment in the Middle East and Italy. (photo 2)

The Executive Committee of CVA which is a non Government organisation, non-sectarian and non-partisan.  It has 5 branches and the Northern, Kyrenia Branch, is based in Nicosia in North Cyprus. (photo 3)

BURMA 4-13 October 2013
Controller Finance

The visit to Burma was arranged specifically to disburse the funds provided by The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT).  From a total of 935 eligible veterans and widows, 50 are eligible for assistance from the GWT.  With the dedicated assistance of the RCEL representative in Yangon, NawJercy, and Captain Arthur Andrews (who served with a British Anti Aircraft Unit and Military Intelligence during WWll), Controller Finance personally met with 46 veterans and widows and presented them with their grants.

RfnMeharmanGurung, 91 years old who related stories of his service fighting the Japanese during the retreat, then in India (Imphal) and then pushing them back to Mandalay.  Pictured with (L to R) Captain Arthur Andrews, NawJercy and Controller Finance. (photo 1)

BukhannLavi (widow of Sukbahadar) who lives in Jillbasty Village.  She is very frail and unable to move from her bed. (photo 2)

The widow Sukrani, wife of RfnSukrajLimbu.  Sukrani was bedridden and (surprisingly) on oxygen which is very expensive for the family to provide.  She was provided with additional funding to ensure that she was as comfortable as possible. (photo 3)

UGANDA 16-27 June 2013
Controller Finance

The Uganda Ex-Serviceman’s Association has 250 branches throughout the country with 1,134 identified eligible veterans and widows.  The organisation is efficiently run by the Secretary General, Mr Herbert Kamyuka.  The British High Commissioner and the Defence Section are very supportive of UESA and the ADA has been instrumental in raising funds to assist with RCEL’s work in the Country.

Kangilimura Commercial Project which was opened in 2007 with RCEL funding.  The project is set on one acre of land, owned by UESA, on a prime site on the town main cross-roads.  The photograph shows the UESA Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary General with Mr Tom Muyombya, the new Manager who is a young university graduate with commercial experience. Significant income is generated from 44 rented shops/lock-ups on the site which greatly helps our veterans. (photo 1)

Pte YonsasanLugudde, 88 year old Veteran who served with the RAMC.  He is partially sighted and supported by Blind Veterans UK. (photo 2)

DurlopBabihimweSamuiri, a 99 year old ex KAR Veteran who is one of 79 beneficiaries of a grant from Blind Veterans UK. (photo 3)

LESOTHO 16-27 June 2013
Controller Finance

For the past 10 years the ex-servicemen and widows of the Basotho Legion of BESL have been cared for by Lt Col Jurie vd Merwe. As a result of Jurie’s dedication the Legion is on a firm footing and extremely well organised.  There are 123 veterans and 180 widows registered; the Royal British Legion Women’s Section support 50 of these widows.  Blind Veterans UK support 51 veterans who are sight impaired.

Masalang Kapa who is one of the widows generously supported by the Women’s Section of The Royal British Legion.  She was married to Sgt Simon Kapa in 1940 who served with the East Africa Pioneer Corps from 1941-1946.  Sadly, he died in 1952 as a result of a spinal injury suffered during the War.  Masalang is 85 years old and has no family to care for her. (photo 1)

Pte Kotele who is 88 years old and served with the East African Pioneer Corps from 1939-1945 and the High Commission Territories Corps from 1946 to 1948. (photo 2)

Lt Col Jurievd Merwe with veterans and a widow of the Basotho Legion located outside the Legion office in Maseru. (photo 3)

MALAWI 16-27 June 2013
Controller Finance

The Commonwealth Ex-Services League of Malawi with the excellent support provided by Mr Denis Lewis continues to locate eligible veterans throughout rural parts of Malawi.  The Memorial Homes in Lilongwe and Zomba, which were established in 1958 and funded by RCEL, are capable of providing 60 elderly ex-servicemen with a roof over their heads.

The veterans in the Zomba Home with members of the CELOM Executive Committee and Mr Denis Lewis. (photo 1)

Pte Erik Mdeza who served with 2 KAR in the Signals Platoon of HQ Company.  He enlisted on the 21 August 1941 and fought in Africa and deployed to Burma in 1944 until the end of the War. (photo 2)

Cpl Henderson Samuja who served with the Kings African Rifles between 1942-45 and deployed to Burma. (photo 3)

Controller Finance presenting a grant to Cpl JaumaMatola who served in Burma in 1945 with the Kings African Rifles. (photo 4)

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